Ole Tapas Lounge & Restaurant
Welcome to Ole Tapas Lounge & Restaurant

Ole Tapas Lounge & Restaurant is located at 1126 Capitol Trail (Kirkwood Highway), Newark, Delaware in the Creekside Gallery Shopping Center. Ole offers a careful blend of everything about Spain. Authentic cuisine, friendly hospitality and warm decor. All of these create a unique and genuine atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide top quality Tapas, using the best ingredients, pair it with quality drinks in stylish surroundings, and with friendly efficient service. Ole brings to Delaware the classic and modern tastes of Spanish tapas.

Ole Menu

The menu is a combination of Tapas dishes, delicious menu specials, Paellas and a wide range of Sangria, Spanish wines and beers served in our warm, colorful surroundings. You can choose one or two or as many different dishes as you like. There are meat, fish, vegetable dishes and a variety of mains, plus our specialty dish Paella.

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Please make reservations by calling 302-224-9378
or online through Open Table

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Seating Area

What are Tapas?

The term Tapas in Spanish means a lid or cover. It is believed to have come from the old Andalusian custom of presenting a glass of wine or sherry covered with a slice of ham or sausage as an appetizer. It became an established tradition, the range of items offered grew, and today it has become one of the most popular ways to eat.

Featured Menu Items
Gambas al Ajillo
Patatas Bravas
Setas con Chorizo